My Travel

Red Circle Collection . MRC No.9 / My Travel / Technique: pen on paper

The collection of red circle and the form of red circle and red spectrum is in my works which has a colorful presence in the field of painting, illustration, film and animation and is considered as my personal line. The form of red circle and red color is a part of my works as a It is an eyewitness that I am present in my own works. rotating and detailed forms, and sometimes there is only a small dot in the work, and sometimes the whole work turns red and has no limits, and mostly reflects the political and social issues around … The Red Circle Collection is the title of a series of works that are endless and are used in my various fields, and the color red is an important part of the works, which is mostly seen with the fluid and dynamic form of the circle with suspended, complex and rotating compositions. . This collection continues its activities as a unit and separately under the title of MRC ( red circle collection)

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